We help reverse the effects of injuries caused by repetitive strain, poor posture, motor vehicle accidents and poor lifting habits. Promoting wellness through injury prevention and health maintenance helps you get active, stay active and improve your performance.

Modalities available at Chiropractic Matters:

·                  Triton DTS TM Traction/Decompression Table

·                  Therapeutic Ultrasound

·                  Interferrential Current

·                  Myofascial Release Therapy

·                  Acupuncture

Please call for an appointment

Chiropractic Matters
1343 Princess Street
Kingston, ON K7M 3E4
(613) 546-9988

New patients are currently being accepted

Chiropractic Matters

Located centrally in Kingston, Chiropractic Matters is a multidisciplinary clinic housing two Chiropractors and two registered massage therapists in a quiet, comfortable setting.
Chiropractic - Helping you heal. Naturally.
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